Dear Coffee

Dear Coffee, It has been 18 days since I started my detox, and we last saw each other. I am missing you so! I have actually been DREAMING about you, Coffee, and that's saying something. I gave up booze over 4 YEARS ago and have never had dreams about it, so I know my love … Continue reading Dear Coffee

Irma, You Bitch

As I sit and breathe the smoke-filled air from all the wildfires out here in the West, my heart is actually in Florida. Hurricane Irma is churning toward my home state, and it is worrying me to no end. With hurricanes, you get some warning, and that can be both a blessing and curse. A … Continue reading Irma, You Bitch

The Late Bus

Just when you think you're a seasoned parent, and you have it all figured out, something comes along that totally throws you off balance and reminds you how vulnerable you've become since having children. My kids started school yesterday. My daughter began her senior year of high school, and my son began eighth grade. So, … Continue reading The Late Bus

Plucking Hairs

This morning on the deck with the hummingbirds flitting around and before the heat of the day set in, my boyfriend lovingly plucked a stray hair from my upper lip (midlife sure is grand, y'all) and then laughed and jokingly proclaimed, "The romance is dead!" It got me thinking. Romance is wonderful. Gazing longingly into … Continue reading Plucking Hairs