I love words. I love reading them. I love saying them. I love listening to them. I love combining them. Words – and how we use them – are so important. When I started dating after my divorce, one of the things that was at the top of my wish list of qualities in a … Continue reading Trustable

Really Real

I keep coming across internet memes and articles that use the terms “real man” and “real woman,” and it’s irritating me to no end. The idea here is that what makes people “real” is whatever is stated after the above-mentioned terms. For example: “A real man treats his lady the same way he wants another … Continue reading Really Real

Silver Hair

I just spent an inordinate amount of time staring at myself in the mirror. This was precipitated mainly by the fact that my hairdresser of the past several years recently moved, and since I haven’t been in to get my usual highlights, my hair is turning silver. I’m at the point now that I either … Continue reading Silver Hair

Why Me?

Why me? A question that people ask themselves when shit goes sideways, and life seems unfair. Why me? Well, why NOT you? Being human sets you up for the gamut of experiences just by default, and there are a couple ways to navigate the tough ones. Way number one is by saying, “Why is this … Continue reading Why Me?

In with the New

Now that I’ve cleared my space and made some room, it’s time to bring some fresh energy into the new year. I’ve never really been one for resolutions – mainly because I’ve failed miserably at them – but I do think that having some goals, intentions, and hopes for each year brings some focus and … Continue reading In with the New