5 Strategies of a Non-drinker

When I stopped drinking six years ago, I wasn’t sure how I was going to navigate social situations. Alcohol is a part of so many occasions, and I didn’t completely realize that until I removed alcohol from the equation. I wasn't going to stop socializing altogether, so I came up with some strategies to be … Continue reading 5 Strategies of a Non-drinker

Do You Need An Assist?

I used to have trouble asking for help. I think it’s because somewhere along the line, I got it in my head that because I was a smart person, I should be able to figure things out and do them on my own. I’ve gotten better at asking for help as I’ve gotten older, though, … Continue reading Do You Need An Assist?


I was recently beating myself up over past life choices. I mean, I was going at it in my head like nobody’s business to the point of tears. I’ve done some stupid things in my life that have had lasting consequences, and when you get to be a half-century old, you start to look at … Continue reading Perspective