So let's talk about wounds for a second. And I'm not talking about the physical kind. I'm talking about the kind on the inside - the kind that hurt your heart and bruise your soul. We all have them. I mean, have you ever met anyone who doesn't? We might have gotten our wounds from … Continue reading Wounds


I know some pretty badass warriors.   These are people who have been thrown some curve balls by life - divorce, cancer, special needs kids, MS, deaths of loved ones, depression, anxiety, addiction, you name it.  These are people who, despite their struggles, manage to make time to bake their friends pies or bring them … Continue reading Warriors


You are the person who makes someone's heart smile. You are the person someone calls with good news. You are the person someone can count on. You are the person on whose shoulder someone can cry. You are the person who makes someone laugh hysterically. You are the person someone turns to for advice. You … Continue reading You


from 4/2016 I am in my childhood bedroom about to go to sleep after having flown cross-country with my kids for a week of spring break fun, and I am struck with a profound sense of how truly fantastic life is. I lived in this town for most of my first 30 years before my … Continue reading Home


from 4/2016 Three years ago today, I retired my professional drinking jersey. I'd been drinking alcohol for many, many years and had gotten to the point that I was drinking a lot more than was healthy. I drank for many reasons: loneliness, emptiness, boredom, habit. I could give you reasons 'til the cows come home, … Continue reading Dry