What Not To Say

When people are going through crazy shit, there are a few things you probably shouldn't say to them. "Crazy shit" is stuff like a child being diagnosed with any type of challenge, discovering an affair, a cancer diagnosis, a horrific divorce, the unexpected or early death of a loved one, a sexual assault. You get … Continue reading What Not To Say


So let's talk about wounds for a second. And I'm not talking about the physical kind. I'm talking about the kind on the inside - the kind that hurt your heart and bruise your soul. We all have them. I mean, have you ever met anyone who doesn't? We might have gotten our wounds from … Continue reading Wounds

Six Seconds

I was once told at a couples workshop (as part of a once-couple) that a six-second kiss was a good way to keep the connection alive in the relationship. The trick to this, though, is that both people have to want to participate in that kiss. For six WHOLE seconds. I learned that this is … Continue reading Six Seconds


I know some pretty badass warriors.   These are people who have been thrown some curve balls by life - divorce, cancer, special needs kids, MS, deaths of loved ones, depression, anxiety, addiction, you name it.  These are people who, despite their struggles, manage to make time to bake their friends pies or bring them … Continue reading Warriors

A Rarity

from 2016 I just spent an hour on the phone with my dad. This is kind of a big deal because a) he rarely answers the phone, and b) if he does, he usually throws it to my mom like a hot potato as fast as he can.   He just turned 80, and I'm … Continue reading A Rarity


You are the person who makes someone's heart smile. You are the person someone calls with good news. You are the person someone can count on. You are the person on whose shoulder someone can cry. You are the person who makes someone laugh hysterically. You are the person someone turns to for advice. You … Continue reading You


from 4/2016 I am in my childhood bedroom about to go to sleep after having flown cross-country with my kids for a week of spring break fun, and I am struck with a profound sense of how truly fantastic life is. I lived in this town for most of my first 30 years before my … Continue reading Home


from 4/2016 Three years ago today, I retired my professional drinking jersey. I'd been drinking alcohol for many, many years and had gotten to the point that I was drinking a lot more than was healthy. I drank for many reasons: loneliness, emptiness, boredom, habit. I could give you reasons 'til the cows come home, … Continue reading Dry

Light Bringers

There will be people who come into your life with whom you will feel an almost immediate connection or affinity. It may feel so easy that you settle right into it like you've known one another forever. It may be so unexpected that it's a little bit terrifying, and you may want to run.   … Continue reading Light Bringers

Cup o’ Sh*t

Every now and then (and sometimes more often), life is gonna hand you a hot cup o' shit.  And it might be the mug full of crap you can't just set down on the counter and walk away from. You might have to sip it for a while. You might even have to drink that … Continue reading Cup o’ Sh*t