Snapshot of a Snow Day

School was canceled today. It snowed last night and was icy this morning, so the kids got a day off at home. Snow days are like crystalline gifts packed into the dreary rainbox that is winter in the Pacific Northwest. They are days to slow down and stay warm and enjoy the surprise of having … Continue reading Snapshot of a Snow Day

Ten Simple Self-care Tips

Self-care is something many people let slide. Many of us are prone to putting everyone else’s needs above our own. I can attest to the fact that if my kids need something, I will put their needs above mine 99% of the time. This wears on me. It makes me tired and irritable and quite … Continue reading Ten Simple Self-care Tips

Be Mine

  When I was little, I loved Valentine’s Day. Giving and receiving those cute little cards, parties at school, and getting into my mom’s chocolates from my dad were fun things that marked those childhood years. Later, boyfriends would take me to dinner or bring me flowers. As an adult, I have felt what a … Continue reading Be Mine

The Winding Road to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a tricky bitch sometimes. The bigger the offense, the longer forgiveness often takes. It’s hard because a lot of times we’re told that the best path to healing is to forgive. You know the drill: forgiveness is more for you than the person who hurt you; forgiveness is what makes everything less burdensome; … Continue reading The Winding Road to Forgiveness