Through His Eyes

Lately, I have been doubting common human decency. When the president's main form of communication is Twitter, young women publicize their affairs with married men on Instagram, and thugs use Facebook Live to broadcast crimes, you’ve got to stop and wonder where our dignity and civility has gone. I worry sometimes that I’m losing it myself, … Continue reading Through His Eyes

A long time ago…

A long time ago, in a part of the country far far away… …my big brother took me to the movies. I was eight-years-old, which would make him 17 at the time, and I can see now how lucky I was that he’d want to take his little sister anywhere.  We had seen the posters … Continue reading A long time ago…

Little Things

Grand gestures are pretty cool - the elaborate wedding proposal, the 5 carat diamond engagement ring, the 500-person guest list wedding, the gigantic new house, the snazzy new car, the blowout milestone birthday party – you get the idea. Grand gestures are amazing ways to mark the turning points in life. Sometimes we do them as … Continue reading Little Things

10 Things To Do When Sh*t Goes Sideways

Is your husband enjoying the mother of all midlife crises? Has your wife received terrifying medical news? Is your teen experiencing extreme depression? Has your toddler just been diagnosed with a a condition you can't pronounce?  Welcome to the shitshow. Many of us have been there, and most of us have made it through. Life's … Continue reading 10 Things To Do When Sh*t Goes Sideways

My Teachers

I've learned the souls who cross our paths, regardless of how they get there, come to teach us. I was given two beautiful gifts of stardust disguised as humans, and I can tell you they have been my biggest teachers so far. They've taught me my heart is a thousand times bigger than I ever … Continue reading My Teachers

The Drowning

At first, I didn't realize he was drowning. He was captain of the ship when he lost himself in stormy seas and decided the best course of action was to sink it. Many of us, the children too, went down with him. In the middle of that dark ocean, I would see him periodically, bobbing to the surface. His … Continue reading The Drowning

Soul Groove: part deux

I spent the majority of the weekend with the man I love. We got to see each other, play games with friends, watch a British woman win a bake off, and hike with our teenagers. After saying goodbye in the driveway this afternoon, I felt happy but was also sad to see him go. This … Continue reading Soul Groove: part deux

Storm Survival

We had a big ol' thunderstorm here this afternoon. Those don't happen in the Pacific Northwest very often. We are coming out of the wettest winter on record, so the rain is nothing new, but it had actually been sunny and 80 degrees just before the sky opened up on us. The amount of lightning … Continue reading Storm Survival


Have you ever been the recipient of a fauxpology? I had coffee last week with my friend, Laura, and she said she'd received a faux apology. The term "fauxpology" came out of my mouth. I'm sure you know what this is, but just in case you don't, let me clarify. A fauxpology is when someone  … Continue reading Fauxpologies