Mad Skillz

We’re on week eleventy-jillion of our stay-home directive, and I realized yesterday that I have actually learned a variety of things during this time. Who knew quarantining could be so educational? Things I’ve learned: 1. I can give a men’s clipper haircut. My son’s hair grows at an alarming rate - a trait he inherited … Continue reading Mad Skillz

Memory Lane

My daughter came over today to spend some time with me. (This is a big deal when your daughter lives in her own apartment.) She came to spend some one-on-one time in honor of Mother’s Day, but we ended up talking about her father. She wanted to find a photograph of him from back when … Continue reading Memory Lane

Sick of This

I’m not fine. We’re going on, like, week 8 of isolation. I have not finished my novel, organized my garage, or taken homeschooling to a whole new level. I have gained 5 pounds, sampled several grocery delivery services, over-consumed news, and worried about everything from how to make it through the next day to mankind’s … Continue reading Sick of This