I wish many things for you during these last days of the year. I wish you quiet moments by a fire with a cup of tea. I wish you joyous celebrations with the people you hold dear. I wish you deep breaths under the stars as you contemplate your unique part in our vast beautiful … Continue reading Wish

Middle-aged Divorced Chick Gives Unsolicited Relationship Advice

Greet your partner with a kiss. When you’ve been apart, reconnect by wrapping your arms around one another and kissing like you mean it. The Gottman Institute says a 6-second kiss is all it takes to bring you back into your partner’s world. They suggest doing this when taking leave of one another as well. … Continue reading Middle-aged Divorced Chick Gives Unsolicited Relationship Advice

Gut Buzz

The Dairy Queen up the street closed the other day. It had been there in the middle of the shopping center parking lot for 25 years. I’ve lived down the hill for 17 of those years and have purchased many a Reese’s peanut butter cup Blizzard from that DQ. I’m sad to see it go. … Continue reading Gut Buzz

Mixed Bag

December is mixed bag, you guys. We SAY it’s about peace and goodwill, and then we race around buying gifts and busting our asses cooking giant pot roasts or something. Sometimes we lose the meaning in our great race to celebrate, and we often end up over-indulging, over-extending, and over-spending. Many people (especially those of … Continue reading Mixed Bag