A moving truck is parked next door, and it's making me sad. We bought this house back in 2001 when our daughter was just 18-months-old and still carrying around her singing Barney doll. Our next-door-neighbors, Bill and Susie, still had the last of their 5 children - a senior in high school at the time - … Continue reading Neighbors

Show Up

The greatest gift you can give to others is to show up as exactly who you are. Many times, we are afraid to be truly seen. We want to put our very best foot forward, which is admirable, and in our current curated society of social media, it's very easy to do. As we know, though, … Continue reading Show Up


Years ago, when friends of mine were moving into their new home in one of our city's older neighborhoods, the guy across the street came over and offered to “smudge” their house. None of us had any idea what he was talking about, so he explained. Dried, bundled sage is burned like incense in order … Continue reading Voodoo

The Pivot

If you’re a ruminator – someone who turns thoughts over and over in your mind – you might want to utilize a strategy called “The Pivot.” The Pivot keeps you from spiraling down into the vortex of unanswerable questions or what-ifs. Here’s how it works. You’re sitting there sipping your tea on Sunday morning and … Continue reading The Pivot