Growth, Change, and Shitty People

There was this one time a complete stranger did some really shitty stuff that affected me and my children in life-changing and permanent ways. This person behaved in the most cruel, self-centered, classless way a person can behave and seemed to take great pleasure in doing so. To protect my family, I asked this person … Continue reading Growth, Change, and Shitty People


If I love you, it sticks for me. It doesn't matter if you're family or friends. Once I've given you a piece of my heart, it's pretty much always yours.  Some of my heart-pieces are shiny and new. Others are polished to a sheen from years of care and friendship. Some have been dropped, shattered, … Continue reading Pieces

Choose Yourself

It is not only OK, but also very necessary, that you sometimes choose yourself. That’s going to be a novel concept to many people. Being a professional excuse-maker, red flag over-looker, and people pleaser sometimes serves us because we’re doing those things for people who appreciate them. But oftentimes, we end up getting burned.   … Continue reading Choose Yourself