I haven’t been this glad to see a week end in a long time. Both my kids have been sick, my dog is injured, and there are a dozen little things in need of attention/repair around my house. It’s one of those weeks where everything has seemed to just pile up with one thing going … Continue reading Adulting

The Truth

I’ve been thinking about something I’ve noticed in myself over the past few years. I think it might be something that’s true pretty much across the board for people. I’ve noticed that when someone says something (or writes something, or posts something) that makes me feel defensive it’s a very clear sign that I need … Continue reading The Truth

Prom Dress

I took my daughter shopping today. Our mission? Buy a dress for her senior prom. She hasn’t bought anything super “fancy” for any of her high school dances up to this point (her winter formal dress, for example, was $10 from Ross), so I was prepared and encouraging her to splurge a little bit on … Continue reading Prom Dress