Graded Distance Learning, Here We Come!

Starting tomorrow, our school district will begin graded distance learning. They have been providing enrichment learning for the past month, and now it’s time to make it count. As the parent of a kid who is in a special education setting the majority of the time, I’m not sure exactly what that’s going to look … Continue reading Graded Distance Learning, Here We Come!

Pandemic Lessons

I feel like this pandemic is teaching me things. I think many of them I already knew, but there are some new ones thrown in for good measure. Maybe some of them aren’t lessons per se, but reminders or clarifications. Either way, the introspection isolating brings is, in many ways, eye-opening. One clarification is that … Continue reading Pandemic Lessons

In the Suck

I was able to enjoy a Zoom meeting with three girlfriends yesterday, and one of them - a health and wellness coach - reminded us all to use the words “and that’s ok” after every feeling we’re experiencing right now. It’s far too easy to beat ourselves up for not being “productive” or feeling completely … Continue reading In the Suck