I love people. I love to watch them, talk to them, be among them, and create relationships with them. I have always been pretty extroverted, and I typically gain energy from being around other human beings. I have a wide and varied group of incredible friends. I have enjoyed lasting romantic relationships and various amorous … Continue reading Rediscovery


Yesterday, I watched a toddler at a birthday party. The party was for his older brother at one of those bouncy places, and there were about 15 kids of varying ages in attendance, but this little guy was definitely the youngest. His name was Vincent, and he couldn’t have been more than barely two-years-old. Vincent … Continue reading Vincent

The Dating Life (With Kids)

Please allow me to give you a glimpse into the dating life of a two 48-year-old humans who are the primary caregivers of their children. When J and I met, we had about a month’s worth of dates before we knew we wanted to see each other exclusively. We also knew that our kids were … Continue reading The Dating Life (With Kids)

Got Guilt?

Guilt is an interesting thing. Defined as “a feeling of deserving blame for offenses,” many people perpetually carry guilt around with them - like a cancer in their soul. Guilt can make us do some pretty crazy things. We may try to minimize our offenses. We may try to make up for our behavior with … Continue reading Got Guilt?