Day #1826

I had a beer at one of the local breweries during a book club meeting with some friends. It was a cold IPA, hoppy and delicious, served in a glass with the brewing company’s logo. There were nachos involved as well because that place has good ones. I talked and laughed and ate, and I … Continue reading Day #1826

Do Not Retrieve

Someone hurt my feelings this morning, and I started to write some big, long complaint about it. I got about two paragraphs in. My breathing was rapid, my fingers were flying over the keyboard, I was totally worked up. And then you know what happened? I hit some random combination of keys that erased half … Continue reading Do Not Retrieve

The Biggest Mistake

I’ve made some pretty stupid mistakes in my life. We all do. But the biggest mistake I’ve made by far was completely stepping out of the workforce once I had children. I am not going to get into one of those ridiculous “mommy war” debates about this because we all know that, by and large, … Continue reading The Biggest Mistake

When They’re Away

My kids are out of town with their dad right now. This is one of the side-effects of divorce:  whether you want to or not, you will inevitably spend forced time away from your kids. I know of some parents who, post-divorce, don’t spend any time at all with their children, so the fact that … Continue reading When They’re Away