Day #30

I issued myself a challenge 30 days ago to publish something every day for a month on this blog. I almost did it! I think I missed about four days. Generally speaking, I feel like it was a good exercise for me, and I learned a few things. I don’t like using writing prompts. Of … Continue reading Day #30

A List of Regrets

One of the writing prompts I’ve come across is to make a list of regrets. I’ve started three different posts based on this prompt, and this is the fourth. I’ve been turning this one over and over in my mind for about 2 weeks. I’m almost 50 years old, so I could sit here and … Continue reading A List of Regrets

A List of Things That Make You Happy

1.      My family makes me happy. And by family, I mean ALL the people I choose to surround myself with. The people in my life and my relationships with them are what make every day a blessing. Yes, it sounds cliché, but that’s because it’s true. I love, love, love my people. 2.      A long, … Continue reading A List of Things That Make You Happy

Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a ghost, but I’m convinced that the house in which I currently live had a female spirit living in it when we moved in 17 years ago. Ooo-OOO-ooo boogity boogity! Seriously, though, she was here. There were pockets of cold air throughout the house. The lights would flicker and … Continue reading Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?

First Job

On Saturday mornings when I was a little kid, my mom would pop corn in our home popper, bag it up in a brown bag, and drop me off with a little money at the local movie theater with all the other kids in town. This was back in the day when, for probably fifty … Continue reading First Job

An Example of Love

Good friends of mine, though they may not realize it, are one of the most shining examples of love I have ever known. They are a pretty low-key couple. They are the type of people who stand back and observe, make assessments, and move forward from there, so it’s not always obvious how big their … Continue reading An Example of Love

Day 20 Self-Prompt

The past week or so for me has been filled with a lot of emotionally charged moments – some breathtakingly beautiful, some gut-wrenchingly sad. I am feeling the effects of being on that rollercoaster in my inability to sleep soundly, urge to eat a ton of sugar, and resurfaced questioning of why the hell I … Continue reading Day 20 Self-Prompt

Something I Miss

I miss civil discourse. While our access to one another via technology has grown and brought us the ability to remain in constant contact, I think it’s also deteriorated our ability to listen to one another, empathize, and think critically. It’s become far too easy to only subscribe to one set of beliefs and to … Continue reading Something I Miss


I talked to my dad today. I talk to him every now and then, but I talked to him today specifically since it’s Father’s Day. I am very fortunate that my dad has always been a part of my life and has always made sure I know he loves me. I realize I’m super-lucky that … Continue reading Heroes

What Normally Happens on a Tuesday?

I met him on a Tuesday. After a week of communicating through a dating app, we decided to meet face-to-face. I surprised myself by not being as nervous about it as I thought I’d be, but after what I’d been through, not much could hurt me anymore. We met at a local restaurant for nachos, … Continue reading What Normally Happens on a Tuesday?