Letter to Myself Five Years Ago

Dear 2014 Kristi,   I’m writing to you from five years in the future, and there are some important things you need to know.   The pain you’re in won’t last forever. The dark thoughts you’re having are understandable considering what he’s been doing, but I am here to tell you that you’re going to … Continue reading Letter to Myself Five Years Ago

5 Strategies of a Non-drinker

When I stopped drinking six years ago, I wasn’t sure how I was going to navigate social situations. Alcohol is a part of so many occasions, and I didn’t completely realize that until I removed alcohol from the equation. I wasn't going to stop socializing altogether, so I came up with some strategies to be … Continue reading 5 Strategies of a Non-drinker

50’s Doorstep

I started my 40’s a decade ago with a kick-ass, blow-out party that my then-husband threw for me. It was the best party I had ever been to, and that’s still the case. My kids were 5 and 9. My marriage, I thought, was solid. I was looking forward to continuing our life as a … Continue reading 50’s Doorstep

A Life Lost

A friend of mine recently lost a 53-year-old family member. She died from cirrhosis of the liver brought about by heavy drinking. My friend was aware of her drinking and had spoken to her about it at least once. No one knew she had cirrhosis though. She leaves behind two young-adult sons. Now I didn’t … Continue reading A Life Lost

Reflections on 2018

As December progresses, and the year draws to a close, I think about where I’ve been and where I’m going. This was another year of big changes and growth. I am mostly healed from my divorce. My kids’ dad left for good in December of 2014. It’s been four years of learning how to single-parent. … Continue reading Reflections on 2018

Surprise! You’re Growing.

Sometimes growth surprises you. I have always been kind of a fan of control. (This is a nice way of saying control freak, but let’s not use that term, ok?) I like things the way I like them, and I usually don’t mind just doing those things myself if it means they’ll meet my satisfaction … Continue reading Surprise! You’re Growing.

Reflections on Sobriety

When I first stopped drinking back in 2013, I remember thinking that losing my crutch was going to be incredibly hard. I had been using alcohol for years to numb. I numbed loneliness mainly. I had gone for periods of time without drinking – when I was pregnant and nursing, when I was trying to … Continue reading Reflections on Sobriety

Sliced-up Life

Three years ago today, I was sitting in my attorney’s office as my soon-to-be-ex-husband sat in the office next door with his attorney. We spent the day slicing up the life we had built together, with this asset going here, and that asset going there. We had to agree on where our kids would be … Continue reading Sliced-up Life

Today and Probably Tomorrow

Until I was in my mid-40’s, I believed I could control things in my life. I believed that if I did THIS, then THAT would happen. I believed that if I cared for someone with all-consuming love, then surely they felt the same way about me. I believed that my life was what it was … Continue reading Today and Probably Tomorrow

Day 20 Self-Prompt

The past week or so for me has been filled with a lot of emotionally charged moments – some breathtakingly beautiful, some gut-wrenchingly sad. I am feeling the effects of being on that rollercoaster in my inability to sleep soundly, urge to eat a ton of sugar, and resurfaced questioning of why the hell I … Continue reading Day 20 Self-Prompt