Check On Your People

We've got a lot of crazy stuff going on right now. Pandemics, elections, remote learning, working from home, civil unrest, you name it. Because we've been asked to be home so much, it's really easy for people to start feeling isolated and alone. When you feel isolated and alone, it's really easy to start sinking … Continue reading Check On Your People


Don’t you love it when things just click? You know - those days where everything just falls into place. I got one today. You may think that’s no big deal, but when you’ve been at the bottom of life’s emotional totem pole, holding your broken heart (and life) together as best you can, you get … Continue reading Click

An Example of Love

Good friends of mine, though they may not realize it, are one of the most shining examples of love I have ever known. They are a pretty low-key couple. They are the type of people who stand back and observe, make assessments, and move forward from there, so it’s not always obvious how big their … Continue reading An Example of Love


My 82-year-old father, who has a hard time walking, recently took a fall stepping off a curb back in my hometown. My mother, who has her own set of health issues, was waiting for him in the car and saw it happen. She and some very kind passersby helped him to his feet, and my … Continue reading Angels