Got Cheating?

I’ve had this blog post sitting on my computer now for well over a year. It’s one I haven’t wanted to post because I’ve been healing from my own marital betrayal, and I felt like if I posted it, that would make me a “bitter ex-wife.” Sadly, in the time since I originally wrote this, … Continue reading Got Cheating?


You know how Facebook shows you memories from years gone by? I’ve been seeing some from a really shitty time in my life, and it’s impressing upon me how what you see on social media isn’t necessarily what you actually get. Or are living. Or are any semblance of whatsoever. The first set of pics … Continue reading Time-lapse

A Thank You Letter

To you-know-who-you-are, I bet you never expected to get a thank you letter from me. After the way you behaved, I never thought I’d write one. It’s been five years now since I learned of your existence, and although I’ll never like or respect you, I have many things to thank you for. Thank you … Continue reading A Thank You Letter