Mad Skillz

We’re on week eleventy-jillion of our stay-home directive, and I realized yesterday that I have actually learned a variety of things during this time. Who knew quarantining could be so educational? Things I’ve learned: 1. I can give a men’s clipper haircut. My son’s hair grows at an alarming rate - a trait he inherited … Continue reading Mad Skillz


Nineteen years ago, I became a mother. I was ten days overdue, and my daughter showed no signs of wanting to leave the womb. They broke my water, and six hours later she was born. I ate an egg salad sandwich that day (I hate egg salad) because I was completely famished after all that … Continue reading Mamaversary

Reflections on 2018

As December progresses, and the year draws to a close, I think about where I’ve been and where I’m going. This was another year of big changes and growth. I am mostly healed from my divorce. My kids’ dad left for good in December of 2014. It’s been four years of learning how to single-parent. … Continue reading Reflections on 2018

Sliced-up Life

Three years ago today, I was sitting in my attorney’s office as my soon-to-be-ex-husband sat in the office next door with his attorney. We spent the day slicing up the life we had built together, with this asset going here, and that asset going there. We had to agree on where our kids would be … Continue reading Sliced-up Life

Pity Party

Sadness. We all experience it – hopefully, only occasionally. I’ve been feeling it exponentially lately and trying so hard to focus on all the good things in my life, of which there are so many. But this morning, as I skimmed through my Instagram feed, I came across a post by a friend in which … Continue reading Pity Party


It always seems like when I’ve got one thing going on, I have fifteen other things going on simultaneously. Maybe it’s because action begets action or something. Whatever it is, my life is about to get really interesting, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. My daughter is headed off to college in a … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes


You know how Facebook shows you memories from years gone by? I’ve been seeing some from a really shitty time in my life, and it’s impressing upon me how what you see on social media isn’t necessarily what you actually get. Or are living. Or are any semblance of whatsoever. The first set of pics … Continue reading Time-lapse

An Example of Love

Good friends of mine, though they may not realize it, are one of the most shining examples of love I have ever known. They are a pretty low-key couple. They are the type of people who stand back and observe, make assessments, and move forward from there, so it’s not always obvious how big their … Continue reading An Example of Love

A Milestone

My darling girl, I cannot believe that we have arrived at the eve of your high school graduation. When you were born, I remember thinking that 18 years was a long time. Now that we’re here, I see that 18 years is just a blink once you become a mother. I thought I would bestow … Continue reading A Milestone

Last Time

“Lasts” are often bittersweet. Things like graduations, marriages, and births are often huge moments of celebration at the end of something. They have sadness mixed in because of what’s ended, but that’s expected. Stuff like this is the stuff we see coming. We anticipate it, and we wait for it, and we enjoy it when … Continue reading Last Time