Making Space

When my ex-husband left the home we had shared for years, there were empty spaces in the drawers and closets and bookshelves. He took a few pieces of furniture, leaving empty spaces where they’d stood. The garage bay where he’d parked his car? Empty. I remember walking around the house in those early days, looking … Continue reading Making Space

An Example of Love

Good friends of mine, though they may not realize it, are one of the most shining examples of love I have ever known. They are a pretty low-key couple. They are the type of people who stand back and observe, make assessments, and move forward from there, so it’s not always obvious how big their … Continue reading An Example of Love

What Normally Happens on a Tuesday?

I met him on a Tuesday. After a week of communicating through a dating app, we decided to meet face-to-face. I surprised myself by not being as nervous about it as I thought I’d be, but after what I’d been through, not much could hurt me anymore. We met at a local restaurant for nachos, … Continue reading What Normally Happens on a Tuesday?

A Sty of the Eye Sort

When I’m with my boyfriend, I like to look extra nice, especially if we’re going out. I try to be sure my hair and makeup look good, and I try to dress up a little bit. Imagine my horror when I ended up with a sty on my eye right before a much-anticipated weekend getaway … Continue reading A Sty of the Eye Sort