Shit Tasks


Doing something you don’t really want to do sucks. It’s usually difficult and crappy and energy draining: a shit task. In some cases, it’s better to avoid doing shit tasks. But other times, shit tasks must be dealt with.

When faced with a must-do shit task, it’s best to stay focused on what’s to be gained by accomplishing it. And there’s always something even if it’s simply the satisfaction of knowing you did it.

Be a good shit-task chooser. Do not get mired in them.  Shit tasks come along every day, and not every one is a must-do. Be selective and completely thorough in your dealings with them so that they don’t come back to haunt you later. There’s nothing worse that a shit task re-do, people.

Avoid them if you can. But if you can’t?

Well then, own the hell out of your shit tasks.

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