The Best I’ve Got For Now

I’ve been sitting in front of a computer screen for days now, trying to decide what to write about, and everything I start stops. Nothing I have to say from my little corner of the Internet is coming together. It’s garbage. Among the devastation of the Vegas shooting, the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, yet another powerful man abusing women, and our continued divisiveness, there are certainly things to write about. But as I type, I feel overwhelmed.

So I shut my laptop and make another cup of coffee – because I can now, you know.

I move forward with my day. It’s college application season, and my daughter is in the thick of that. My son’s autism therapies keep us busy too. So I remind myself that while I have a million things to say, it’s what I DO that matters most.

So I do.

I shop for the food. I make the meals. I wipe runny noses, and give lots of hugs. I proofread essays, and help plan a future. I help an ill friend in the simplest way I can from so far away. I sit quietly in the arms of the man I love, and I hop on the back of his bike for a ride. I sing happy birthday to a newly minted 17-year-old, and watch his smile as he blows out his candles. I encourage a friend with a broken heart.

It’s not much. It’s not much to write about. It’s not sexy or profound or especially exciting.

But it’s what I have to offer for today.


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