I haven’t been this glad to see a week end in a long time. Both my kids have been sick, my dog is injured, and there are a dozen little things in need of attention/repair around my house. It’s one of those weeks where everything has seemed to just pile up with one thing going wrong after another, and I just want to pull the covers up over my head and hide.

But I’m a “responsible adult,” so I don’t really get to do that. What I DO get to do is take temperatures, call in school absences, administer medication, make vet calls, repair what I can & call professionals for the rest, and take care of myself so that I’M not the next casualty in a most challenging week. What I can also do is stop amid the chaos and make sure that I have some gratitude in my heart. Because if I weren’t so blessed, I wouldn’t have these “issues” at all.

I’m lucky to have these two amazing kids and every gift and challenge they bring with them. Yes, it’s horrible when they’re sick, and I want to fix them up immediately, but the illnesses bring them (and me, too) a downtime that is usually needed. It forces us all to take a break in our busy lives and REST. That’s a good thing.

I’m also lucky to have such a loyal companion in my crazy dog. Although I’m worried about vet bills for his injury, I recognize that I’m blessed to have the money to take him in. I have a rainy day fund for just this kind of thing. That’s a blessing. And my buddy needs the care.

And as far as my house goes, yes, these little things that are falling apart are annoying. Every homeowner knows what I’m talking about. Trees need trimming, roofs need maintenance, appliances wear out. But again, I am fortunate to have this beautiful home in which to live. It shelters me and these two amazing kids and our sweet old dog.

Every blessing comes with responsibility, and sometimes those responsibilities pile up – one on top of another at a rapid rate. They can become overwhelming. When I feel like I’ve done all the adulting I can handle, I try to reframe these “issues.” And when I do that, I realize each challenge that makes me want to hide under the covers is really the result of being blessed beyond measure.

2 thoughts on “Adulting

  1. TGIF!! Cheers. Be kind to yourself.
    For the record the laundry I started last weekend is either still in baskets to be put away all around the living room, or, in one case, still in the dryer. It’s been one of those weeks… 😉

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