What would you tell your younger self?

If I could travel back in time and talk to my younger self, there are numerous things I would tell her.  These tidbits are in no particular order other than the order they popped up in my brain.

·        Don’t worry about what other people think. Other people are not nearly as interested in you as you think.

·        Pay attention to your gut. It’s a huge signifier of which road to take when making decisions. Does your gut feel calm and settled? You’re likely making an authentic choice that aligns with your values. Is your gut roiling and jumpy? Caution! That’s a warning signal that something is off.

·        Take a personal inventory and write a mission statement. Decide what your core values are, where your boundaries lie, what’s important to you. Set up your life so that you are living as closely aligned to your mission statement as possible.

·        Say yes to every experience that comes your way that will enrich or educate you. Take classes, meet new people, learn another language, read tons of books. Every bit of knowledge will keep you from being bored – or boring.

·        Travel. Whenever and wherever you can.

·        Be self-sufficient. Earn enough money to always support yourself, and never become dependent on anyone else. Partnerships are better with equals anyway.

·        If you want to kiss him and have the chance, take it. Don’t hesitate.

·        Love hard and deep and without reservation. Be sure those you love know it, even if they get sick of you telling and showing them. Never waste a chance to love.

·        Know where your Happy Place is (mine is anyplace near the water). Go there as often as you can to replenish your spirit. Never be too far from that place.

·        Only make love with people whose energy you’re 100% comfortable absorbing.

·        If someone treats you like shit, leave. Period.

·        Learn to be alone and like it. You are the only company you will always have in this life. You may as well learn how to keep yourself entertained.

·        Don’t live with regret. Take the chances you’re offered. Make the apologies you need to. Know that everything – even mistakes – will bring you to just the right people and places at just the right times. It’s all part of life’s dance.





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