Hello Fresh Review

I absolutely hate meal planning and food shopping. Because I didn’t work outside the home when my kids came along, this was one of the household tasks I took on and have continued as a single person and again with my current partner. Five million meals later, I’m here to tell you I still don’t like doing these things.

Enter Hello Fresh subscription meal delivery service.

I had received offers to try Hello Fresh for a while, and I thought it seemed a little silly until I watched a You Tuber make an amazing looking meal one day using a Hello Fresh meal kit. It took no time at all and looked amazing. Granted, Hello Fresh was sponsoring this person’s video that day, but actually seeing someone make one of these meals had me second guessing my original hesitance.

So I got on their website and signed up. We’ve been getting these meals for a few months now, and I’ll tell ya something. We haven’t had a stinker yet.

Other pros?

  • You can choose 3+ dinners a week from a great selection of about 15 meals.
  • Everything for each meal comes packaged together.
  • You have far less food waste because everything gets used for each recipe.
  • Recipe cards are included with cooking instructions, so you’ll have the recipes if you ever want to recreate the meals.
  • Portions are just right – filling but not too much.
  • It fits right into my food budget, and again, I’m not throwing away nearly as much food as I used too.

We have had a few meals delivered with missing ingredients. I used the customer service chat feature when this happened, and after communicating with a guy who was absolutely hilarious, I received a credit. It was fun, fast, satisfactory customer service – a rarity these days.

Since we love to cook, my partner and I have a lot of fun each week selecting our meals and then preparing them together. It’s like an adventure in the kitchen four nights a week with a delicious dinner waiting for us afterward.

I am in no way affiliated with Hello Fresh, but I can whole-heartedly recommend them if you like to cook but hate all the planning and shopping that goes before that. And for the record, our favorite meal so far has been their Firecracker Meatballs.


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