Turning 50 was a quiet big deal for me. Quiet in that I didn’t celebrate in any elaborate way, and big in that it’s brought with it a half century of growth, realization, and humility. I recently read a list about 50 things a woman over 50 should have, and I thought I’d write my … Continue reading 50/50


Every now and then, I get in a funk. It’s not quite a depression, but it’s a place where my motivation is lacking, my thoughts spiral down into old could’ves and should’ves, and I have some trouble focusing on what’s going right in my life. Generally, I’m an optimist, but we all have our moments … Continue reading Funk-Be-Gone

Counting Blessings

The end of a half-century is a good time to take stock of the things in your life for which you’re grateful, don’t you think? I chose 50 things for obvious reasons. They’re in no particular order because blessings are blessings. Period. My parents have stayed together providing a loving, stable home for me to … Continue reading Counting Blessings

50’s Doorstep

I started my 40’s a decade ago with a kick-ass, blow-out party that my then-husband threw for me. It was the best party I had ever been to, and that’s still the case. My kids were 5 and 9. My marriage, I thought, was solid. I was looking forward to continuing our life as a … Continue reading 50’s Doorstep

New Adventures in Cooking

I used to hate cooking. I hated every aspect of it – the planning, the shopping, the prepping, and the actual cooking. I don’t know why. I guess it just felt like a chore – a lot of work without much payoff. Turns out, I was wrong. Cooking is actually pretty amazing. I’m in a … Continue reading New Adventures in Cooking


Nineteen years ago, I became a mother. I was ten days overdue, and my daughter showed no signs of wanting to leave the womb. They broke my water, and six hours later she was born. I ate an egg salad sandwich that day (I hate egg salad) because I was completely famished after all that … Continue reading Mamaversary

Burn, Baby, Burn!

When the Winter Solstice and full moon teamed up earlier this month, I started feeling a more-pressing-than-usual need to release the things that have either run their course in my life or that are simply no longer serving my growth. The end of the year brings these feelings to me annually, but this year, it … Continue reading Burn, Baby, Burn!

Reflections on 2018

As December progresses, and the year draws to a close, I think about where I’ve been and where I’m going. This was another year of big changes and growth. I am mostly healed from my divorce. My kids’ dad left for good in December of 2014. It’s been four years of learning how to single-parent. … Continue reading Reflections on 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Today is a day that we sit down with our families and friends and give thanks for our blessings. We are thankful for our good health, for our warm homes, for the people we love (and who love us), and for the food on our tables. We spend the day visiting, eating, watching parades or … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2018

Making Space

When my ex-husband left the home we had shared for years, there were empty spaces in the drawers and closets and bookshelves. He took a few pieces of furniture, leaving empty spaces where they’d stood. The garage bay where he’d parked his car? Empty. I remember walking around the house in those early days, looking … Continue reading Making Space