Know Your Worth

If you've ever been cheated on, especially if you were married, you might have tried to convince your cheating partner that they were making a mistake, that you love them (so of course they love you back), that they shouldn't flush your relationship down the toilet, etc. This is one of the biggest time-wasters known … Continue reading Know Your Worth

It’s a No From Me, Dog

I woke up to about 25 different articles showing photos of what was supposedly an “adorable backstage moment” (Insider) between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston last night at the SAG awards. Of course, the Interwebs are full of commentary and excitement over this very brief interaction which is unsurprising. What IS surprising is how many … Continue reading It’s a No From Me, Dog

The Drowning

At first, I didn't realize he was drowning. He was captain of the ship when he lost himself in stormy seas and decided the best course of action was to sink it. Many of us, the children too, went down with him. In the middle of that dark ocean, I would see him periodically, bobbing to the surface. His … Continue reading The Drowning