Sometimes the messages you need to hear come to you from the most unexpected places. I’ve been in the midst of making some pretty big life decisions that have not been easy. Midlife is wild, y’all! I’m at that point where I have to plan for the second half of my life and for my … Continue reading Messages

50’s Doorstep

I started my 40’s a decade ago with a kick-ass, blow-out party that my then-husband threw for me. It was the best party I had ever been to, and that’s still the case. My kids were 5 and 9. My marriage, I thought, was solid. I was looking forward to continuing our life as a … Continue reading 50’s Doorstep

Pity Party

Sadness. We all experience it – hopefully, only occasionally. I’ve been feeling it exponentially lately and trying so hard to focus on all the good things in my life, of which there are so many. But this morning, as I skimmed through my Instagram feed, I came across a post by a friend in which … Continue reading Pity Party