The Haircut

from 10/20/16


I gotta talk about my daughter for a quick minute.

This girl is a damn badass. She can smell BS from a mile away and isn’t afraid to call people on it. She follows her heart and uses her head. She rocks school like nobody’s business with straight A’s and the occasional B – in AP FREAKING CALCULUS. She could pass a Navy inspection with how clean & organized she keeps her room. She is sensitive and kind and loving and amazingly compassionate.

Last week, she said she wanted to cut all her hair off. We discussed. She looked up pictures. Her hair was LONG – halfway down her back. And today, she walked right into the damn barbershop and got her head buzzed. Didn’t even flinch. It suits her, and she looks RAD.

This girl is a fucking kick-ass human, and 99% of the time I can’t even believe I am lucky enough to be her mother. I am so blessed and proud to call her my daughter and excited as hell to continue watching her grow into the phenomenal woman she is destined to become.

She is my hero.

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