This is typically the time of year that I take my kids back home to Florida for a nice long HOT visit. For a variety of reasons, we aren’t there this year, and I’m homesick today.

I’m missing my parents, who are always genuinely so thrilled when we get to town and spoil us with their love & attention.

I’m missing my dear hometown friends who always, always make time to see us. The time spent catching up with you all – having coffee, eating delicious meals, reminiscing – is such a treasure. I do not take it for granted.

I’m missing the white sandy beaches, the salt air, the stunning sunsets. Those beaches where I grew up are near & dear to my heart and will always be a place my soul finds peace and comfort.

I’m missing walking with the kids downtown to see what’s new, getting gelato, and heading to Vinoy Park to look for dolphins in the bay. I stand on the seawall every year (while reminding Luke to “be careful! Not too close!”) and think, “home.”

When you leave a place, you take a huge chunk of it with you wherever you go, and you leave a huge chunk of yourself there. It’s the price you pay for having two “homes.”

I also miss real Key lime pie.

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