Dose of the Randoms

Too many people too close to me and to the people I love are leaving this Earth too damn soon. It’s making me a little introspective. And a lotta uncomfortable. And so I write.  
Today’s dose of the randoms:

1. What I know for sure is that I really know nothing for sure. Regardless, the other 10 thoughts below might be worth a little something.

2. You matter. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. And if anyone ever does, I guarantee you that you have at least five other people in your life (who aren’t douchebags) who will assure you that you DO, indeed, MATTER.

3. When someone offers to hold your hand, take it. And don’t let go unless you must. You’ll know if & when you must.

4. People will surprise the shit outta you – in both good ways and bad. Choose to be a good surpriser. It feels better for everyone.

5. If you have the chance to travel or to meet new people, do it. New experiences help us grow and get outside our comfort zones.

6. Conversely, when you have the chance to see old friends, do it. There’s nothing like reminiscing with the people who knew you back in the day.

7. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others. Laugh hard and often. Also, cry when you need to. Sob. Scream. It’s cleansing. Emotions are there for a reason. Embrace them.

8. Don’t settle for crumbs. Whole loaves of bread await you. And cakes. And pies too, of course! And they are ridiculously delicious.

9. Love big. Love hard. Love until you can’t love anymore. Understand that how long you get to love isn’t always up to you, so do it right while you can.

10. Own your shit. If you need to make corrections, make them. If you’re sorry for something, apologize. And then? Forgive yourself and move forward.

11. What doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you. So really live. Use the good dishes. Say what you need to say. Skinny dip. And for the love of all that is good and holy, kiss with wild abandon!  

And use your tongue.

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