Homewares & Forgiveness

I was recently out shopping for new drinking glasses, and I ran into someone whose actions caused me some pain a while ago. Back then, we had both been put in an impossible situation by someone else. That impossible situation eventually warranted ceasing communication with one another.   

I hadn’t seen her in quite a long time, but today when I did, I called her name; she turned, saw me, and smiled. We embraced. She asked about my kids, whom I know she loves. We cleared up a couple of misunderstandings. We talked about that impossible situation. 

And there in the middle of the fancy soaps and brightly colored towels at World Market, I received a heartfelt apology from this person who had hurt me. She asked for my forgiveness, which I gave her. We were both victims in someone else’s drama, and it felt good to let it go.

Forgiveness comes at the strangest times, in the weirdest places.  

Even when you’re shopping for drinking glasses on a Monday afternoon.

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