I know some pretty badass warriors.  

These are people who have been thrown some curve balls by life – divorce, cancer, special needs kids, MS, deaths of loved ones, depression, anxiety, addiction, you name it. 

These are people who, despite their struggles, manage to make time to bake their friends pies or bring them Qdoba at the hospital or meet them for coffee or call them to check in or simply just sit with them in silence.

These are the people who sometimes wonder how they will go on, how they will heal, how they will pick up the pieces of their messy lives and move forward.  They worry and stress and struggle and cry and get up and do it all over again the next day.

These are the people who know how to laugh, who honor their commitments, who are always ready with a kind ear or a giant hug.  They find the joy in eating nachos or watching a sunset or sustaining a kiss with their lover until they can’t breathe.

These are the people who operate with kindness and compassion despite their disappointments and heartaches.  They are the hand-holders, the tear-driers, the joke-tellers.

They are you 

and I 

and he 

and she.  

We.  All of us.


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