Six Seconds

I was once told at a couples workshop (as part of a once-couple) that a six-second kiss was a good way to keep the connection alive in the relationship. The trick to this, though, is that both people have to want to participate in that kiss. For six WHOLE seconds. I learned that this is too much for some people.  

For others, however, a genuine kiss comes as naturally as breathing. They pull you in, hands on your cheeks as they gaze into your eyes. They lower their lips onto yours ever so gently, and you relax into them as you let this sweet intimacy carry you away.  

These are kisses that melt you and change you and maybe even heal you. These are kisses given so freely and ardently that you almost feel yourself levitate off the ground, and then you realize it’s just your spinning head and pounding heart. These are kisses that, if you’re very lucky, you get every single day from the person who holds the key to your heart. These are kisses filled with magic and star dust and two full hearts laid wide open. 

And they always, always last far longer than six seconds.

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