Through His Eyes

Lately, I have been doubting common human decency. When the president’s main form of communication is Twitter, young women publicize their affairs with married men on Instagram, and thugs use Facebook Live to broadcast crimes, you’ve got to stop and wonder where our dignity and civility has gone. I worry sometimes that I’m losing it myself, that I might be failing to teach my kids about compassion, empathy, and integrity. And then, inevitably, they prove me wrong.

Recently, my daughter and I were talking about some of the things I mentioned above. And as we tried to make sense of them, which isn’t easy, she became visibly upset. My son, who is autistic and doesn’t always notice social cues, saw his sister’s distress and came right up to her and asked, “Do you need some love?”

She nodded, and he embraced her, affirming, “You need some love.”

When I look around at the antics and self-absorption of so many people – including myself sometimes – I have to think that maybe we’re all just forgetting the real deal, the thing my sweet little boy can see so clearly:  we need some love.

Pass it on. Preferably with a hug.


2 thoughts on “Through His Eyes

  1. I love your blogs!! I love your son!! I love you!!! I also miss you and I’m very grateful to be able to keep up with your thoughts on FB :).


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