My Teachers

I’ve learned the souls who cross our paths, regardless of how they get there, come to teach us. I was given two beautiful gifts of stardust disguised as humans, and I can tell you they have been my biggest teachers so far.

They’ve taught me my heart is a thousand times bigger than I ever thought it could be. They’ve taught me patience. They’ve taught me I can do really tough things – like give birth, keep a human alive, deal with tantrums & special needs, teach morals & values, and parent single-handedly.

They’ve taught me that this life isn’t all about me and that sometimes, we really do need to sacrifice for those we love. They’ve taught me not to take life too seriously and that singing silly songs at bedtime is a stellar way to end the day. They’ve taught me perfection is a myth and that good enough is good enough. 

They’ve taught me that hugs & kisses can heal everything from scraped knees to broken hearts. They’ve taught me not to give up because sticking around for the people who love you is worth it.

They are the two brightest pieces of my heart, and they walk around outside it every day. That is both terrifying and comforting. It means that wherever they go, they’re sharing their special blend of magic and wisdom, humor and joy, light and love. 

I am blessed to have two such precious souls not only cross my path but travel it with me for a while. 

And best of all, they call me “Mommy.”

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