Sometimes the messages you need to hear come to you from the most unexpected places. I’ve been in the midst of making some pretty big life decisions that have not been easy. Midlife is wild, y’all! I’m at that point where I have to plan for the second half of my life and for my … Continue reading Messages

Counting Blessings

The end of a half-century is a good time to take stock of the things in your life for which you’re grateful, don’t you think? I chose 50 things for obvious reasons. They’re in no particular order because blessings are blessings. Period. My parents have stayed together providing a loving, stable home for me to … Continue reading Counting Blessings

A List of Regrets

One of the writing prompts I’ve come across is to make a list of regrets. I’ve started three different posts based on this prompt, and this is the fourth. I’ve been turning this one over and over in my mind for about 2 weeks. I’m almost 50 years old, so I could sit here and … Continue reading A List of Regrets

My Teachers

I've learned the souls who cross our paths, regardless of how they get there, come to teach us. I was given two beautiful gifts of stardust disguised as humans, and I can tell you they have been my biggest teachers so far. They've taught me my heart is a thousand times bigger than I ever … Continue reading My Teachers