The Pivot

If you’re a ruminator – someone who turns thoughts over and over in your mind – you might want to utilize a strategy called “The Pivot.” The Pivot keeps you from spiraling down into the vortex of unanswerable questions or what-ifs. Here’s how it works.

You’re sitting there sipping your tea on Sunday morning and all of the sudden, thoughts of that one time that bitch wronged you pop into your head. Now you might not have thought of that bitch in years, but here she is, ruining your nice peaceful Sunday. You have two options: get sucked into the black hole of unpleasant memories OR utilize the pivot.

We all know where the vortex goes. The Pivot is when you IMMEDIATELY recognize the vortex is looming, and you CHANGE your thought process. This is not easy. This takes practice. And the first step is simply understanding that the pivot is an option available you.

Every thought you have can either heal you or hinder you. It’s true! Wouldn’t you rather use your brainpower to heal yourself? Our thoughts are powerhouses that shape our vision of ourselves, others, the world. The more healing the thought, the more positive your experiences will be. The Pivot can help keep you on that healing track.

The Pivot is not to be confused with ignoring issues. Sometimes we need to spiral into the vortex to try to make sense of the bullshit that life throws at us. We need to take a good long look at the stuff that’s happened in our lives, how we might possibly have contributed to our own pain, and work through all of it the best way we know how. Once we’ve done that, there’s no reason to keep spiraling. Re-living the past hinders us and keeps us stuck.

The Pivot is recognition and action. The Pivot refocuses you on the now. It keeps you moving forward. It helps you to leave your already-worked-through stuff behind you.

So the next time you find yourself begin to spiral, acknowledge the vortex, and pivot your thoughts. You have much better things to focus on!

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