For the Dads

I see you, dads.

I see you changing the diapers and warming the bottles. I see you holding little hands and reading bedtime stories. I see you pushing swings and playing games. 

I see you drying tears and bandaging boo-boos. I see you helping with homework and coaching soccer teams. I see you volunteering in classrooms and chaperoning field trips. I see you teaching your son to shave and your daughter to drive. 

I see you holding on loosely as you start to let go. I see you cherishing the moments that pass far too quickly. 

I see you helping. I see you guiding. I see you understanding. I see you loving.

I see you simply being present.

The children see you too – the biological kids, adopted kids, step-kids, friends’ kids, foster kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews – all of the children who receive the benefit of your great “dadding.” 

You are appreciated.

You are loved.

You are seen.

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