Show Up

The greatest gift you can give to others is to show up as exactly who you are.

Many times, we are afraid to be truly seen. We want to put our very best foot forward, which is admirable, and in our current curated society of social media, it’s very easy to do. As we know, though, no one’s life is perfect. We all face challenges and difficult times. We’ve all done things of which we’re not proud and for which we wish we could get do-overs. But denying those parts of ourselves and hiding them away serves no one. It can, in fact, cause greater pain to keep them packed away in the shadows.

It’s scary as hell to show up as exactly who we are, mainly because we fear rejection. But here’s the cool thing:  When you show up as exactly who you are, the people you are meant to have in your life will gravitate toward you, and those who are not meant to stay will fall away. This isn’t rejection as much as it is the Universe clearing the way for the things in life that will serve you best. If you’re wearing a mask, people aren’t seeing the real you, and the Universe can’t do her job. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing you have been 100% yourself, regardless of the outcome.

Because here’s the thing. Every now and then, you will come across some kick-ass soul who has no agenda, no ulterior motives, no expectations. You will feel yourself pulled toward them, and you will want to absorb everything about them. You will find yourself relaxing into their presence and completely enjoying their energy. You will want them to see you. You will want them to hear you. You will want them to love you. And you will want them to really KNOW you. So you will take a deep breath, and cast your fears aside, and show up as exactly who you are.

And that right there – that crazy cool authenticity – will also be the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.

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