Tonight we went out to the beach so our dear friend could take my daughter’s senior pictures. I’ve known this friend since WE were in high school, so it was a bit surreal to watch her snap the photos. As I watched them talk and laugh and accomplish their goal, I was reminded yet again how lucky I am to have not only a generous and talented friend, but also a genuinely beautiful daughter. 

My girl holds herself to high standards both academically and personally. She is kind, compassionate, funny, and smart. She loves from the depths of her heart, and while I know this sometimes brings her pain, I also know that it will serve her well throughout her life. 

As I watched her walk along the beach at sunset, I snapped this picture. I find it illustrates perfectly where we are in our mother-daughter relationship: I am watching her walk away from me, but I will always be here behind her, cheeering her on, watching her glow.

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