Just For Today

Just for today, slow down. Take a look around you. Listen to the sounds of the kids at the park, the squeak of the swings as they fly back and forth. Remember what it was like to be a kid of 5 or 10, soaring through the air in your innocence and joy.

Just for today, put your impatience aside. Breathe deeply, walk slowly, listen carefully. When you’re tempted to blow your horn and cuss out Joe Dumbass in front of you, stop yourself. He, too, is on his way someplace. He, too, is a human who screws up sometimes. We will all get where we’re going.

Just for today, pay it forward. Buy someone’s coffee. Donate to your favorite charity. Do your kids’ chores for them. Write a letter of appreciation and put it in the mail. Every little bit of love that goes out into the Universe is turned into positive energy from which every single one of us benefits.

Just for today, look for the beauty that surrounds you. Walk on the beach and smell the salty air. Take a hike in the woods and look up at the trees reaching for the sky. Stand in a rain shower. Admire the dandelion poking through the crack on the sidewalk. Celebrate the sun as she takes her leave tonight.

Just for today, embody the love you’d like to receive. Hug your children. Really, truly kiss your lover. Call your friends and family to remind them that they’re amazing. Look past people’s flaws. Look a stranger in the eye and smile. Listen when someone speaks.

Just for today, go within. Remind yourself of your own goodness and beauty. Check in with your heart. Be sure you’re living what you believe. See contradictions? Vow to work on them. Forgive yourself for your imperfections. Remind yourself that those exact imperfections make you who you are. Give yourself a hug. Literally. Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze.

Just for today, throw all the light and good juju you can muster out into the Universe. Pray. Meditate. Think bright white hot thoughts of goodness. However you to choose to do it will work. Toss gobs and gobs of joy out there with abandon. I promise there’s plenty to go around.

Just for today, burn a candle of hope in your heart. Protect it from the winds of hate and doubt and fear. Shield it from cruelty and negativity and despair. Keep it burning with compassion and kindness and peace. Let it grow to warm you. Let it expand to warm others who stand in its light.

Just for today, consider doing it all again tomorrow.




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