Girlfriend Gratitude

“They” say women need their girlfriends for optimum health, and I’d have to agree.

I just spent last evening and this morning with some of my friends. These are women who have kids roughly my kids’ ages and aging parents and relationship ups & downs and jobs and societal concerns. These are women I have leaned on and for whom I have been a leaning post.

I can tell you that without their love, support, compassion, and sometimes criticisms, I would not be the person I am today. They are not afraid to hold up the mirror and gently encourage me to make corrections. They are not afraid to gaze into the mirror I hold up to them and make corrections of their own.

They are brave enough to be vulnerable and share deep fears and doubts. They are open to listening to mine. They hand over the Kleenex when there are tears, and they pop the bubbly (or sparkling cider) when there is joy.  They laugh. They cry.

They also inspire. Their grit, courage, determination, and spunk never cease to level me up, to help me become a better version of myself. They are my sisters in this evolution I call my life.  I am fortunate to know so many of you, whether I saw you last night, last month, or last year.

My friends, you are treasures. You are light bringers. You are strength. You are gentleness. You are grace.

You are love.

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