My Halloween Tradition

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

I’m reminded of this every year at Halloween. My 17-year-old can handle her own costume/party/tick-or-treating situation and has been doing so since she was about 13. She hasn’t really dressed up in the past couple of years beyond school events. My 13-year-old, though, still likes to dress up and trick-or-treat. He often changes his mind about a costume a number of times before settling on something about two days prior to Halloween. What this means for me – as The Mom – is that I am always out running around grabbing his ENTIRE ensemble the day before Halloween. Today was no different.

He vacillated this year between DJ Khaled and Puck from Glee for a couple of weeks. He decided on Puck three days ago. So I get on Amazon and find an actual Puck costume for about $15; however, it won’t get to us in time for Halloween. So what do you think I did today?

Ima tell you.

I ran around all over town, looking for a mohawk skull cap and a letterman’s jacket or football jersey. Guess what I found? None of the above. I did find a bald cap, some brown felt to make “hair,” a white t-shirt, and some red paint though, so my kid is getting the poor man’s Puck costume. Except that all those supplies cost $10 more than the costume online, plus time to make it all. I did the best I could, but it looks like a homemade Puck costume. 

You know what though? That kid got off the bus this afternoon, came inside, and saw his mohawk cap drying on top of the blender in the kitchen and his hand-painted “football jersey” drying on the dining room table, and his face broke into a huge grin. He said, “I can’t WAIT to dress up in my Puck costume tomorrow!”

That right there? That’s priceless.

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