In with the New

Now that I’ve cleared my space and made some room, it’s time to bring some fresh energy into the new year. I’ve never really been one for resolutions – mainly because I’ve failed miserably at them – but I do think that having some goals, intentions, and hopes for each year brings some focus and everyday magic into my life.

A few years ago, a friend of mine suggested writing down the qualities I would like for any future romantic partner to possess. She made it very clear this list should be handwritten. I was skeptical, but eventually, I did sit down and make this list. I was extraordinarily specific. I was incredibly detailed – this was a LONG list. But I figured if I were going to do it, I might as well dream big. After I wrote it, I put it in a drawer and basically forgot about it because, although I knew I would be eventually, I was not one bit interested in dating or meeting anyone at the time. Fast forward about a year. I had been dating my current beau for several months, and on the way home from a date one night, I remembered that list. When I got home, I dug it up and read it. Imagine my surprise when I realized that out of about 100 things, this man was a 97% match. What the hell?!

My point here is, write down the things you want in your life. Make lists. Be detailed even if the things you want seem far-fetched. We often tend to focus on the things we DON’T want, and those things keep showing up. When you focus on the things you DO want, and when you’re specific about them, THOSE things get a chance to manifest. You don’t need to show anyone at all your lists. They’re for you. And if nothing else, these lists will give you a clear picture of what you need and desire.

Another similar creative activity you can use to manifest the things you DO want in your life is to construct a vision board. You can use a cork board, poster board, old cardboard box. Use old magazines or peruse a site like Pinterest and collect images, words, or phrases that speak to you. Don’t overthink it. Just collect anything that calls to you no matter how crazy your conscious mind tells you it is. Once you have your collection of images, start arranging and affixing them to your board with tape or glue. Again, don’t overthink it, just create. Once you have it complete, hang it someplace you’ll see it every day. Many people, myself included, have realized (sometimes years later when their board has been forgotten in a closet) that the images on their vision boards have become their reality. What you put out there WILL come back to you, especially if you hone in on what it is you WANT.

Finally, chose a word, phrase, or mantra for the year. This is a good one for keeping you focused on a daily basis. It can be something as simple as the word “kindness,” or something more detailed like “I am building my business into a six figure profit.” Wherever you want your daily focus to go, come up with words that articulate it. Again, write it down. Post this reminder in multiple places where you’ll see it daily:  your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your desk, your car dashboard. When you see it, speak it aloud. Remind yourself that this is your daily focus, and watch what happens.

Skeptics – and I used to be one – might scoff at these ideas. But even if everything you want doesn’t manifest, I can pretty much guarantee SOME of it will. And what’s the harm in trying? Let the skeptics scoff. You’ll be too busy manifesting your magic to notice.

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