Why Me?

Why me? A question that people ask themselves when shit goes sideways, and life seems unfair. Why me? Well, why NOT you? Being human sets you up for the gamut of experiences just by default, and there are a couple ways to navigate the tough ones.

Way number one is by saying, “Why is this happening to me? This isn’t fair! This isn’t right!” And you know what? It probably isn’t. You probably haven’t done a damn thing to deserve whatever bullshit is happening to you. Some of the best people I know have battled debilitating diseases, they’ve lost children, they’ve been betrayed. Not one of them “deserved” it. And I’m sure when they got wind of their crappy news, they asked themselves these questions and felt sorry for themselves for a little while. That’s normal. That’s human.

What they DIDN’T do was stay stuck there. Once their pity party was over, they started asking different questions: “What am I supposed to learn from this?” “How do I move forward from this point?” ALL of them took some sort of action. They found doctors and healers that they trusted to help them create healing protocols that worked. They turned to their pastors and other counselors for insights and tools to move past their deep grief. They talked to others who had been in similar circumstances in order to see that there is, indeed, healing and light on the other side of the pain. They took responsibility for their own well-being and happiness.

And then do you know what they did? They used their experiences – the ones they thought might completely take them down – and they shared them. They opened up their hearts and their laptops, and they typed and commented and met for coffee and made phone calls. And they became beacons of hope for others. Regular, normal people who got handed hot cups of shit turned them into golden chalices of hope.

Why you?

Because we sometimes need regular everyday heroes, and the Universe decided you were the one for the job.

3 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. Thanks for your support. I am in deep grief right now. I am writing a lot on what I feel. You may read my posts. Also continue writing. Many people have suggested writing is therapeutic and I have myself experienced that writing and venting out my emotion do help a bit.Take care and stay blessed.

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