A year ago today, I started this blog. I did it at the urging of several friends who had read some things I posted on Facebook over the years, and I love to write, so I took the plunge. I haven’t been super-regular with my posts, and I don’t have a “theme” like so many wonderful blogs out there, but I have had fun with it and learned some things along the way.

I’ve learned that I can’t edit what I want to say if I want to be a writer with integrity. Not everyone is going to agree with my thoughts and ideas, and some people will have negative things to say. It takes a thick skin and a healthy amount of vulnerability to write and publicly post your words. I admire everyone who takes the chance to do it. It’s scary as hell.

I’ve learned that people see themselves in my writing. Mostly that’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s not. I try to keep identities veiled and rarely use people’s names, but inevitably, they recognize an event or a description of their behavior. I try to be fair with everything I write, but mostly, everything comes from my own experiences, and it’s not easy to be objective all the time. What I love most is when I’ve written about something positive and wonderful, and it’s recognized and acknowledged.

I’ve learned that each post I write touches at least one person in some way. That is so humbling. It’s also what keeps me writing and gives me the courage to share even when I think maybe I’ve said all I have to say.

I’ve learned that I probably need to be more regular with this blog. I write every day, but lately I’ve found myself censoring what I do and don’t post here. I’m going to stop worrying about it so much.

If you’ve been reading for the past 365 days, I thank you. If you have left me comments or sent me messages or told me in person that you have been touched by anything I’ve written, I want you to know that it has meant the world to me.

I will keep observing and writing and posting.

I hope you will keep reading.

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