A Bit of Gratitude

As I put my head on my pillow tonight, I am especially grateful for our health. My partner is an essential school employee. Two weeks ago, he was in the same room and possibly/likely interacted with a parent who later tested positive for COVID-19. Several of his co-workers were also in the room, and all were sent home to self-quarantine.

Their quarantine ended yesterday.

As far as we know, no one has developed symptoms or gotten sick, thankfully. And thankfully, the parent was responsible and let them know as soon as they were diagnosed – almost a week after the possible exposure.

I have maintained for weeks that we have likely all been exposed, but knowing you were in contact with someone who has tested positive makes it a little more real. Every cough, ache, and issue causes you to really examine how you’re feeling or bust out the thermometer for a temperature check. You’re living on high alert and waiting for the shoe to drop.

Every day that passes with no symptoms is a blessing.

I didn’t leave the house myself for fear of possibly being infected. I talked to my daughter through an open window when she stopped by to pick up some lasagna (her favorite!). I tried not to spend too much time close to my son. I wiped everything down constantly and washed and washed my hands until they looked like crumpled tissue paper. I counted the days until we could leave the house for groceries.

I am so grateful we are ok.

This pandemic is exhausting.

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