YouTube – Who Knew?

Something I’ve “discovered” during this pandemic is the magic of YouTube. Now, I’ve known and used YouTube many times pre-pandemic for things like replacing my car key fob battery or watching ASMR at bedtime, but having to find new ways to occupy so much at-home time led me to YouTube one afternoon a few months ago, and oh my gosh, now I can’t stop!

I had been doing some organizing (another favorite past time), and it occurred to me that I might enjoy finding a YouTuber who does organizing. So I did a search, and one of the first people to pop up was The Sunday Stylist. I have probably watched all of her videos at this point because I enjoy her upbeat attitude and the creativity she has with her small apartment. There is something incredibly satisfying to me about watching someone clean, organize, and tidy their space.

Once you watch one type of video, YouTube suggests other similar videos and channels, and I am now completely down the rabbit hole. Some of my favorites are XO, MaCenna, Love Meg, and Nesting Story. Inevitably, watching these channels leads me to clean, organize, or repurpose something in my house, which is never a bad thing. I’ve always been pretty on top of household stuff, but having that extra motivation is a great thing.

As my YouTube savvy has grown, I’ve enjoyed watching everything from a couple who retired at 40 (Our Rich Journey) to a French Australian who makes me laugh on her beauty and style channel (Frederique Bros) to a family who homesteads (Farmhouse on Boone). I love having a such variety of people to learn from, and I think watching these real people has made me feel less isolated during Covid.

My daughter would probably call me a “boomer” (though I’m really Gen X, which is something every GenXer will always point out) for having discovered the joys of YouTube so late, but honestly, who cares as long as you make it there eventually?

2 thoughts on “YouTube – Who Knew?

  1. If you’ve tried looking up live performances of “old” bands, you’ll be surprised at the rabbit hole you’ll find yourself in! I often do that on Friday nights. Ha!

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