Finally, a Haircut!

What is it about a major haircut that gives a person such a boost of fresh energy?

I got 8 inches chopped off my hair today. It had been about 14 months since I’d set foot in a salon, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to ask for – or get. I’ve been going silver (grey, white, whatever you want to call it) for about three years now, and the dregs of my final foil were hanging limply at the end of what I was calling “my crazy old lady hair.” It had gotten so long, I was getting tangled up in it at night!

My hair stylist is moving tomorrow, and I got super-lucky to get in with her after she had a cancellation this morning. She was the person who did my last foil three years ago and has been living her own adventure after a divorce and few moves. She’s back here for a year or so, but Covid kept me from going in.

Today was the day though.

As I sat down in her chair after a relaxing shampoo, I felt a thrill of excitement because I know she does good work. I wanted something fresh and easy, and as her scissors moved over my head, I relaxed, and we caught each other up on our lives.

She sprayed and curled and sprayed and scrunched, and finally, I held up the mirror to check out the 360-degree view of my silver locks. So much better! Such a relief.

My therapist told me once that we hold memories in our hair. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I keep getting messages from the Universe to let go, to release, to empty out. It feels like maybe if I work on those things, something amazing is waiting just around the corner to fill the space I clear.

When I got up from the chair to leave, I looked down at all that hair. There were a lot of old memories lying there. It felt good to walk away from them.

I think that’s what Coco was talking about.

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